Chateau Frontenac

1865 Frontenac Hospitality

Chateau Frontenac is located on Lake Pepin, a natural lake in the Mississippi River, and in the historic village of Frontenac, MN. It is tucked below 450 ft high Garrard's Bluff (aka Point-No-Point). The first resort hotel in the upper midwest operated on the site as the Lakeside Hotel (1865-1901) and as the Frontenac Inn (1905-1938). In its heyday, 5 steamboats a day exhanged passengers and goods on its beaches. The Methodist Retreat Campus operated here until 1987 when it was purchased by Chateau Frontenac for restoration.

Unique Lake Front Properties

Historic Frontenac is a village of 250 residents surrounded by Frontenac State Park, miles of walking paths, and acres of hardwood forest. Frontenac's quiet streets, historic homes, sand beaches, and beautiful parks offer the ambience of the relaxed 1880's. All Chateau Frontenac homes have a great view of Lake Pepin (2 miles wide) and the Wisconsin bluffs. These natural assets create a very unique and peaceful environment.

Modern Homes Inside Historic Exteriors

Chateau Frontenac Homes are restored to modern standards while maintaining historic exteriors and maximizing natural views. Click the tabs for the site plan, home descriptions, association details, offer procedures, and related links. Act now to own a unique home in an historic village on one of the worlds's most scenic sites.